Plaster Ceiling Design

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Although we don't have any more time to arrange, still waiting for us

Such a caring Indian Homeowner wait for a whole month: Temples, Shops, Homes, Offices, and Relatives’ homes all appointed us,really grateful for you on this journey

Sister's living room and garage, flat plaster ceiling intersects


Worry about noise Can’t sleep until wake up naturally on rest days

Rockwool material

Good sound absorption performance, the effect of different methods is naturally different

Noise reduction

The owner's choice

Our designated responsibility cross

Partition + soundproof glass wool


———Paragon Suites@CIQ

Trade with heartQuality assuranceYears of experienceSolve a number of large, small and renovation projects

To be Handcrafted To be Honest To Serve me "Professional"

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Plaster Ceiling Design

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