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DH Plaster Ceiling & Renovation
  • ✓ 秉持诚信,用心交易
  • ✓ 工厂直销价,品质保证
  • ✓ 团队合作精神,多年经验
  • ✓ 解决多项大、小及翻新装修工程
  • ✓ 打造您理想居家感觉
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We are a professional plaster ceiling and decoration local company which located in Skudai area district of Johor.
▪ We possess with many years of experience and exquisite materials, the plaster ceiling master with delicate hand-made heads. Created ideal home feelings and various plaster designs for homeowners, shopkeepers, designers and Contractors. Created an ideal home feel and a variety of plaster design, Fake wall screen / partition / compartment and so on.
▪ The  repair project is also one of our strengths. Without delicate handwork, the light shines like a spray, and the beauty is insufficient.

Not only, we also have our own muddy water expansion project ~ electrician ~ furniture ~ Awning ~ Metal ~ paint and other engineering services, all through the factory direct sales, quality assurance.
100%Real shooting - integrity orthogonal support - professional manual - size engineering,
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▪拥有多年经验丰富、材质讲究的石膏师傅,带着手工细腻的头手更是为不少屋主、店家、设计师、收工等 打造了理想的居家感觉及各款石膏设计,假墙式屏风/隔墙/隔房等。




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