House waterproofing & Painting Project

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Category: Waterproof Works 防水工程

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Indoor kitchen extension project
〰️stove head〰️floor tile〰️iron flower〰️security door〰️electrician〰️gypsum board ceiling〰️paint. One by one in progress Tmn Pulai Mutiara-part 2
Experience tells you the results, the manual tells you the confirmation, and the team tells you the service.
💎Waterproof problem, wall watermark, let us solve it for you, provide a stable and lasting, no longer penetrate the trouble of watermark, paint coloring pays attention to handwork is more effective. ——Tmn Melodies Garden, Jb Town Crossing.
💎The weeds are overgrown,and no end how to remove them‼
Solve the troubles of the homeowner, the space is larger and more tidy.

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House waterproofing & Painting Project

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